Goin’ to the Cabin

Despite the lack of cell phone service, Internet service, and air-conditioning we are heading to the cabin for the fourth. We leave in the mornin’, sometime.

I’m going to try to remember to take the camera along, but the purpose of this trip is to let my dogs run free, read, and sleep.  The husband plans on reading a lot and getting caught up on all that sleep he’s missed out on since he moved in with me and my pain-in-the-arse dogs two years ago :).  It won’t happen, of course, but at least he’ll get a couple more hours than normal, maybe.

Course that means he’s going to have to sleep on the screened in porch because the place is an oven without air conditioning.  We should just buy a window unit for the place as our contribution, but not this year.

There’s probably going to be some swimmin’ in the swimmin’ hole involved, too.  And maybe some watching of someone else’s fireworks show down near Falling Water.   There will be turkey dogs for me and the good old fashioned pork kind for the hubby.

Can’t wait. Haven’t been to the cabin since October, and it was full-up with people then for our annual Halloween party.  Looking forward to having it all to ourselves and letting the Donkey (Opal, our basset) and mini-donkey (Dacotah, our mini-doxie) have free run of the land.


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