Back from AP Reading

Well, I’m home and settled in from my 10 days working for Education Testing Services at the Advanced Placement reading in Louisville, KY. I read AP English Literature and Composition exams.

I’d never done this summer gig before and I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. However, I must say that ETS did a good job from an reader’s perspective. They put us up in a very nice hotel, fed us well, and offered plenty to do after work hours. The work itself was mind-numbing (as a whole, we read over a million essays in 7 days), but I felt like I was being paid fairly for it.

I met some great folks while I was there, too. The only complaint I can offer is that the pre-reading materials were confusing and didn’t explain the exact dates of the work well, so I ended up showing up a whole day early and had to find a place to stay for that night. Other than that, the experience was definitely a good one. I would suggest any English Composition instructor at the college level should look into picking up this gig during the summer months.

I hear that they will switch the reading over to Cincinnati next year. I don’t know much about Cincinnati but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Louisville is a pretty cool town. I had no idea it was such a happening place.


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    Tipper said,

    Glad you had a good trip-and glad your back-get to writing I’ve missed reading your posts!

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