A Research Nerdette Fest

This weekend I found myself pouring over some records in my “Ancestry.com” account. It is ridiculously expensive on a yearly basis, but it is defnitely kept its “worth it” score high this weekend. Their “records hints” section, which is so often “hit and miss,” paid off big for me over the last few days.

I’ve managed to root out at least one branch of the family tree that goes directly to Germany (the first family in my tree that shows any provable relationship to Germany).  This line, for anyone who is researching this sort of thing, is the direct line of folk named Chronister and who lived in Pope County, Arkansas. I also discovered a branch that heads back into England during the year 1066.  (You know, The Battle of Hastings and all of that).  So I’ve broken through one of my goals for this whole family history exploration. I wanted to see if I could trace any families back 1,000 years.   I can.  I wanted to know if anyone came from anywhere other than England (they do).  Besides Germany, I also discovered a branch that goes into France.  

It’s been a productive weekend in that way. All those essays I have yet to mark are mocking me, however.  Carry on . . .


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