Shamless Self-Promotion & A Literary Journal

This week, I got my first personal essay published.  It’s part of Divide’s “Sports and Adventure” theme.  The staff at Divide does a good job with the design and presentation of the pieces.  I was rather pleased with the phrases they chose to “highlight” in the design.   I like their theme format because it gives me things to strive toward. The essay they took, “Learning to Read the River Gods,”  is a natural progression of something I was already writing. However, when I stumbled across their theme issue, it sort of lit a fire under to me to get something in shape in time for their deadline. 

Currently, they are running an issue on the theme of “downtime.”  The deadline is coming up rather quickly, March 15.  If I wasn’t planning a wedding I might get more serious about seeing what I could produce that might fit for them. Either way, I’m going to keep an eye on their call for submissions page. 

Another call for submissions:  If you are a student, faculty member, staff person, or alumni of a historically black college or university, we’ve just founded The HBCU Literary Review at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.   We’re officially open to accept submissions.  You can see submission information here:  call for submissions.


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